the shit that blew us away at kelburn garden party 2017

Approaching the gates of Kelburn Garden Party you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a small, cosy affair amongst the camouflage of trees and trippers.

But take one trip through the bushes, trees, hills, waterfalls, dancers, stands, festival goers, hippies, ravers and even families, and you’ll see this Scottish country park music-topia in the woods more than lives up to its tagline as a “festival like no other”.

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tommy cash: the pioneer of post-soviet sound

An Adidas-clad Salvador Dali gallops through a MacDonald’s drive-thru on a shiny brown horse, clasping a Big Mac and the reigns of his generation. He transcends the boundaries of history, forging a new narrative for eastern Europeans through a bizarre blend of ‘the three stripes’ and a love for equestrianism. This is Tommy Cash, a city boy from Tallinn, Estonia, and the pioneer of post-soviet voices in the landscape of modern music.

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when two hip-hop obsessives come face-to-face with jurassic 5’s chali 2na

Chali 2na has been a mainstay of the alternative hip-hop scene for some 25 years. His work with Jurassic 5 speaks for itself, for many and the “verbal Herman Munster” has cultivated a much deserved, loyal following around the world. This is no accident: he has earned his place among the best-kept secrets in hip-hop with decades of hard work, indelible skill and his infectious “friendly neighbourhood baritone” vibe.

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all of the women in laura marling

When Laura Marling walked on stage in her white cotton dress, she looked exactly like the bride that should never be married to anyone, because no one else truly deserves her. I couldn’t ignore the matrimonial atmosphere of the stage filled with ferns and white flowers, plants twisted and tangled all around the instruments, her decorations transforming the venue into a charming and delicate space that almost made me forget about the giant trash disco ball hanging from the ceiling. It was the same Laura Marling, which is what we wanted, but with a new lease of love, devotion and celebration all directed towards her.

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