arthur abel reviews ‘hounds of love’

hounds of love is a film. i am reviewing this film. i am reviewing the film hounds of love. it is the debut film from australian director ben young. i was asked to review this film because someone else didnt. the premise is that a seventeen-year-old girl gets abducted by two serial killers.

it is set in perth, australia in december nineteen eighty seven. there is a slow motion pan looking at the bare flesh of schoolgirls playing what i thought was volleyball but might have been basketball as a man sits in his car watching.

skin and legs. this man is one of the serial killers and he is called john. john and his partner. there are pulsing sounds. sunbaked like max dupain. it’s a hot day. john is played by a man called stephen curry. he is a bad man. he goes home and commits acts of sexual violence with a girl he has imprisoned in his house. in his house cigarettes are lined up in an ashtray and children suckle at the wolf’s teats.

john drives a bronze car and he drives it down a lonely road that cuts through beautiful trees. he takes off his shirt and digs a grave for the girl he has killed.

vicki is the main character and she is played by ashleigh cummings, her parents are having a divorce and her dad buys her a puppy. she sneaks out to go to a party and is stopped by john and his partner evelyn who is played by emma booth and ask if vicki wants to buy some marijuana. they convince her and take her back to theirs to buy the drugs they give her a drink and the drink is drugged so she falls over and they chain her to the bed and then evelyn gives john a blowjob

at one point, vicki nearly escapes and the throbbing noise in the background goes really loud and it is trying to make you excited i hoped she would escape so the film would finish and i could leave.

evelyn makes vicki write a letter to her mum and she writes a secret code in it that her boyfriend will know and that says the address of where she is being held prisoner but she got the wrong address but at the end you think they have the right address because they are knocking at the door but there is a twist they are knocking at the wrong door because they have the wrong address the man at the door is here to take money that john owes him. vickis mum screams a lot very loud and cries and vicki hears her because her mum is on the other side of the street at the end vicki escapes because evelyn kills john because hes a bad man and vicki walks out and is reunited with her family

sometimes the dog takes a putrid shit on the floor and it makes john mad john also got really mad when vicki shits on him during a rape. the dog is called lulu.

when the film goes outside it is really nice everything is bright and crisp and makes me feel happy it makes me wish i was outside too but i am a man trapped in a room  i cannot leave and i am screaming

people around me leave but i cannot i have to review the film

john gets really mad and kicks the dog to death against the refridgerator and this makes evelyn really sad

it is a horrible film about imprisonment rape and murder

arthur abel is a man who lives in glasgow. he is unemployed and open to commissions

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